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Lyra Story
Lyra Story
Lyra Story
Lyra Story
Lyra Story
Lyra Story
Lyra Story

Lyra Story

Story A free spirited, gemstone necklace named after the 40km coral atoll, Lyra Reef near Papua New Guinea. 
Designed around traditional craftsmanship the gemstones and metal pieces have been hand cut. SIS Hallmark. Simple S Lock
Collection Deep Blue
Amethyst | Protection
Carnelian | Empowerment
Green Onyx | Balance
Lapis Lazuli | Wisdom
Moonstone | Imagination
Metal 925 silver
1% of sales donated to Reef Conservation
Artisans Indian
Creator Lisa Milner
Secured Bespoke Australian made Scuba Sac
Care Due to being handmade there may be a slight variance to the product shown. As the stones are natural the cut and colour of each will vary. Please treat your pieces with care as the gemstones are delicate. Apply any cream, lotion, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume before dressing in your SIS piece.