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HumanKind Earrings. Sky Blue Topaz. 925 Silver
HumanKind Earrings. Sky Blue Topaz. 925 Silver

HumanKind Earrings. Sky Blue Topaz. 925 Silver

HumanKind is a symbolic reminder of the fragility of our humanity. The importance of being kind to others and living with compassion in our hearts. This collection has taken 6 months to create, initially designed to ensure the Artisans in India have had enough work when Covid-19 started devastating our lives at varying levels; now SIS has committed to giving them work every day to help sustain their families throughout 2021.
Artistry Designed around traditional craftsmanship the gemstones have been hand cut by a man 82 years old, he teaches his sons methods originally learned working for Indian royalty some years back. Subtle hand carved MMXX roman numerals. Delicate SIS hallmark. Traditional Rose Cut Gemstones. Available Earrings, Necklace and Ring.
Collection Humanity
Sky Blue Topaz | encourages honesty, clarity of feeling, love and loyalty
925 Silver
2cm length | 1 carat of natural gemstones
1% of sales bonus to Artisans
Artisans Indian
Creator Lisa Milner
Secured Bespoke Australian made Scuba Sac
Care Due to being handmade there may be a slight variance to the product shown. As the stones are natural the cut and colour of each will vary. Please treat your pieces with care as the gemstones are delicate. Apply any cream, lotion, cosmetics, hairspray and perfume before dressing in your SIS piece.