Our mission is to collaborate with the world's artisans to create products that are respectful of craftsmanship, people and our planet.
Ravi Paliwal 
My connection to India, from seeking the most amazing stones and helping me in collaboration with the very talented artisans (often illiterate) who hand craft every single element of every SIS piece. I will share our story in the blog, it's been truly amazing. Ravi also brings generations of experience in hand crafted jewellery, he works tirelessly to get the best quality workmanship and really looks after people with a generous human spirit so we know we have talented, dedicated people happy to be working with us.
Ravi, you are worth your weight in gold.
Kelli Singleton 
My brand identity is very special to me because it has been created in collaboration with one of my dearest friends and inspired by the beautiful Sydney beaches. Kelli not only Mum's and Wife's, but is also a gifted painter, designer and art director. We have known each other for a very long time, so I'm unsure why I was both awe struck & surprised that when Kelli presented me the paintings and then card designs? They are the perfect articulation of what was in my minds' eye - thank you my kindred soul!  
Steve Liu 
Art Director extraordinaire...big shout out for the hand drawing and illustrator artistry for the Swimming in Stones logo lettering.
Lin Fan 
We collaborated to create the unique Swimming in Stones Scuba Sac, hand crafted in Australia. I wanted something sassy that fit in our lifestyle. It's SIS Scuba Sac is useful; it's versatile, washable, something to protect your jewellery, to keep in your handbag for trips to the beach or gym. The large one has been designed to fit the iPhone. Lin and team, thank you, love them.