Gemstone jewellery of the earth, for the earth

Swimming in Stones set out to collaborate with the world's artisans to connect with people through jewellery that is respectful of craftsmanship, people and our planet. We are striving for a business that is socially, culturally and economically sustainable and we're continually looking at all areas of creation.

Great Barrier Reef

SIS Handcrafted


Our practices start with our team of artisans in Jaipur, who bring up to six generations of experience. Many are illiterate and have been taught at home by parents and grandparents. Taught one single skill, to the art of perfection, like our team of stone cutters. We believe in them not simply earning enough money to survive, but to thrive. We collaborate with them for the connection they have to their craft, their ideas and we celebrate their talent. Great emphasis is placed on simple, handmade designs that incorporate traditional techniques. Each piece of jewellery can require ten artisans to create. It is our desire to create opportunities to support the training of young jewellery artisans to ensure we keep the future connected to traditional practices.

SIS AmethystSIS Scuba Sac

SIS Sendle Carbon Neutral Delivery



Every Swimming in Stones piece of jewellery is made from natural gemstones. To create coral, we used a powdered stone which is coloured, nothing is taken from our reefs and oceans. We’re committed to supporting the artisans in our studio to find their way forward into sourcing sustainably and moving toward a truly responsible and ethical business.


Is deliberately kept to a small scale in order to reduce any unnecessary waste of our natural resources. Any mistakes are repurposed.


Our proprietary Scuba Sac packaging is made in Australia. These pretty, practical pouches protect the Swimming in Stones jewellery and can be used for any number of purposes in future. The Scuba Sac serves to protect the pouch in shipping meaning we don’t require any plastic bubble wrap.

Sustainable shipping process

Recycled brown paper (rather than plastic) protects the jewellery on route from Jaipur to Sydney. From our website to you, we use Sendle with a 100% Carbon Neutral footprint and completely compostable shipping packaging. 


SIS Empowerment

SIS Deep Blue Collection


Every piece of Swimming in Stones jewellery has a story and each story befits one of the Collections most dear to our heart; Humanity, Empowerment and the Deep Blue.


Approaching humankind with grace.

1% of sales bonus to the Artisans for their incredible work.


Without meaningful work and creations designed to be handcrafted, using traditional techniques, Artisans with generations of experience and their artistry would disappear.

1% of sales bonus to the Artisans for their incredible work.

 Deep Blue

The majestic ocean and bold coral reefs are not only a source of design inspiration but bring a sense of inner peace, freedom, clarity and an unexplainable, overwhelming joy to be alive. So we have created dedicated stories to celebrate our love for the ocean.  We need a healthy ocean for a healthy planet.  The needs of our planet means we will continue to develop our sustainable practices.

Australian Marine Conservation Society

1% of sales pledged to the Australian Marine Conservation Society for their incredible work. In 2022, we thank our SIS'ters who love stones and the sea, together we have donated $250 AUD.

We also support local schools & community groups fundraising. Supporting communities and partners with the same conscience.


Great Barrier Reef Turtle