SIS_About_LisaRose I have loved jewellery as long as I can remember and there's a story behind most of my pieces; either the occasion I received it, the significance of its origin, maybe where I discovered it, the loved one who gave it to me, the awe of the craftsmanship or the way I felt wearing it. So I'm setting out to create a narrative through jewels, collaborating to create beautiful gemstone stories with some of the most talented artisans with generations of experience. Each element of a Swimming in Stones piece is hand crafted; the cutting of the stones, the delicate production of the minute silver orbs, the carving of my designs into the precious metals.  Setting up my studio in India has been a truly amazing experience and I'm grateful to those who have supported me throughout this dream. The wonderful people in India have touched my life, they are truly talented, gracefully spirited & deserve to keep this beautiful art form for the generations to come.  Thank you for connecting with me through Swimming in Stones. I'm looking forward to creating sparkling stories with you. Lisa x