Jewellery Connects us

To our humanity, our earth and ourselves.

I set out to collaborate with the world's artisans and to connect with people through jewellery that is respectful of craftsmanship, our planet and is meaningful to our lives.
SIS Lisa Milner
My first priority is to connect artisans with meaningful work
This global pandemic has been an awakening, it is more important than ever for us to remember our humanity. Artisans everywhere who want to work, should be able to earn enough money to thrive, not simply survive. Our range is handcrafted, each piece of Swimming in Stones jewellery can take up to ten artisans to create it. Families hand down traditional craft and techniques, my mission is to protect these talents from extinction and share them with those who appreciate what humanity can create with their hands, using our earth’s beautiful resources.
Our jewellery studio in Jaipur sustains a small team of artisans, with up to six generations of experience, they work with me to create bespoke handcrafted jewellery for Swimming in Stones on a small-scale. Products are not mass produced which means people work in a comfortable environment and we can maintain beautiful quality craftsmanship.
Staying connected to our planet 
Our modest scale also ensures we reduce unnecessary waste. Gemstones and metals are sourced and manufactured as required, mistakes are repurposed.
You’ll find beautiful natural gemstones throughout the range. I marvel at gemstones, there is magic in the sense that this tiny piece of beauty has taken hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years to form within the earth. This is what gives me a sense of connection to our planet. 
The ocean being a source of inspiration and peace is at the heart of our beliefs - swimming and stones are my happy place. To pay homage to the beauty of the waterways of the world, you’ll find a range named after oceans, seas, reefs, beaches and natural pools.
To our planet, we are mindful to give back in our production practise, our sustainable shipping process and our reusable, reimagined jewellery packaging the Scuba Sac. 
Jewellery connecting us to us
Swimming in Stones jewellery is created to be enduring. Jewellery is a tangible token that pays tribute to life moments, beliefs, loves and importantly for us, a reminder of our connection to the fragility and importance of our own lives, our humanity and our planet. Our jewellery designs are curated to be beautiful and meaningful, with a story or place to keep you connected.
Elizabeth Taylor said, “I have never thought of my jewellery as trophies, I’m here to take care of it and love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty”. 
Jewellery made for good, for people who care.
Lisa Milner
Sydney-sider, Creative Director & Founder