The Summer Fruit of Gemstones

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The Summer Fruit of Gemstones

The Garnets’ name comes from the Latin granatum, which means grain. When the stone is cut in its typical cabochon (domed) style, it amazingly resembles the translucent red seeds of the Pomegranate. 

I’m attracted to gemstones’ connectivity to our planet. Not just considering the millions of years they’ve taken to form in the deep dark heart of our earth, but the colours they reflect in other parts of nature.

It's the birthstone of our babes born in January.

Gifted, a Garnet is said to honour the receiver with both loyalty and constant affection. It's also said to encourage business success!

And as all good gemstones, Garnets have some legendary tales you may not have encountered.

Garnet, the Stone of Light | Legend has it that a large Garnet adorned a pedestal in the middle of Noah's Ark. The brightness of the stone was said to illuminate the sea, allowing the ship to travel safely through the night. You’ll also read Jacinth or Hyacinth if you’re in the bible.

Garnet, The Stone of Warriors | Talismans featuring Garnets were set into signet rings, belt buckles and other personal objects to protect warriors during battle, in order to bring them peace when they returned. Some children in Greece still carry them to protect them from drowning.

Garnet, The Stone of Medicine | During the 1600s, surgeons placed Garnets near wounds as it was believed that they would stop blood loss and haemorrhages. And Native American healers believed that Garnets had protective powers against injury and poison.

A very Famous Garnet | Jackie Kennedy Onassis owned a cabochon cut flower brooch, which was auctioned for $US145,000 at Sotheby's in 1996.

Garnets strongly refract the light, so have stayed popular for a long time. Easy wear, easy care, a strong stone that can be worn daily, a soft cloth will clean it back to brilliance.

The Garnet is said to protect travellers and was historically exchanged between friends as tokens that they would meet again.

So until we meet again, back to the luscious summer Pomegranate, in season now in Australia (wink wink).
Here’s one of my fav Pomegranate Summer Recipes Bravo Ottolenghi!

Enjoy your year SIS’ter

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Garnet Jewellery



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