The Proud Pacific Ring

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The Proud Pacific Ring

This unapologetically large gemstone ring is named after the largest ocean on the planet, the Pacific, which stretches from our beautiful Sydney to the sunny west coast of America. 

This finger enveloping ring is designed to fit comfortably and proudly on the finger, you won't realise it's there except for the glimpse of the beautiful gemstone. The SIS rings all have a firm but adjustable back to fit most. The pieces are handcrafted in our bespoke studio in Jaipur, our Artisans select, cut, polish and hand work every element of our pieces.

This range of silver rings come in natural gemstones including Labradorite, Prehnite, Pink Opal, Moonstone, Orange Aventurine, Turquoise and Coral - which is a powdered stone as not to damage our precious coral reefs!

Pictured Orange Aventurine stone (above) | Prehnite stone (top) is clear with beautiful inclusions | Labradorite stone (bottom) generally grey but in the light has a schiller of blue and gold

Pacific Silver Ring in natural Prehnite Stone

Pacific Silver Ring in natural Labradorite Stone

On my mind is Keep Australia Beautiful Week, keeping our planet clean, considering our personal use of plastics and other harmful, unnatural toxins that harm our wildlife and oceans.

The ocean is my muse, this week I've pledged 1% of all sales from the Deep Blue Collection to go to ocean conservation. I'll be donating to the Australian Marine Conservation Society because of their great work and my personal alignment in the knowledge that if we don't have a healthy ocean, we don't have a healthy planet.


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