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My philosophy around jewellery must have started from very early childhood. In my possession I have precious little keepsakes that are reminders of very special people and moments in my life. These tiny objects are filled with a deep sense of belonging, love and connection.

The range of my personal jewellery collection is neither extensive or exceptionally expensive, but it is a gallery of cultural diversity and design that captivated my imagination.

It also seems it is a tradition in my family as I sit here writing wearing my Great Grandmother's 21st birthday diamond ring.

SIS Keepsakess

Image: Sapphire & Diamond ring circa 1900 Britain, Diamond ring circa 1918 Australia, birth Brooch and Heart Locket Bracelet rarely worn, but always valued.

While I feel connected to my own past, the antique jewellery connects me to imaginary stories of their previous lives, these antiques survived the two world wars. They have hallmarks from their makers. And, they have travelled oceans as well as time.

I particularly love gemstone jewellery (surprise), I have a tiny Turquoise stone set in a divine Native American design Silver, it now fits my pinky finger. I love the craftsmanship of a peacock blue Cloisonne Bangle from Singapore. And importantly, both were gifts from my father when I was a child. They remind me of our home erupting with excitement after his long awaited return from business trips (usually around 3 weeks which was an eternity as a kid).

Simply, jewellery connects us, I believe women love it because it is beautiful but we're also very sentimental creatures and our devotion to jewellery is embedded deep within our psyche. Ever lost a piece? A piece that holds sentimental value? It's torture.

From my heart, I believe there is great value in the connection to jewellery and worth investing just a little bit more in getting natural gemstones, precious metals that will last a lifetime and bring so much joy.

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