Stone Stories, Topaz

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Stone Stories, Topaz
Gemstones have the power to connect us to our earth and our humanity. Created over millions of years through geological forces of nature, they are made of the same things as the stars, carbon and calcium. They are little pieces of life.
Our human moment in their life might be short but is definitely sweet, we cut and shape and polish them to their most magnificent glorious state. 
SIS Topaz
I've been particularly attracted to Topaz in the past 12 months while designing HumanKind. This jewellery story was created to connect us during this shared human moment, the global pandemic. It has both shaken our existence and opened our eyes. And for me, I feel more than ever, the need to look out for each other.
I selected Topaz that carries the colour of the sky as it fills me with a sense of hope. Its wonderful colour shines with both Gold and Silver. 
This magnificent cool, natural gemstone is said to encourage honesty, clarity of feeling, love and loyalty. It was named after Topazios, the Greek name for an island in the Red Sea, meaning to seek
SIS Topaz Ring HumanKind
HumanKind is a jewellery story designed in Sydney and handcrafted by Artisans in India. 1% of sales is gifted as a bonus to the Artisans. This jewellery story is available in earrings, necklace and ring in both Gold and Silver. Featuring Sky Blue Topaz stones and an ombre of Pink Tourmaline stones. 
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