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SIS Caspian Green Onyx Necklace
My birthstone is Emerald, which I love, but it is said to be even rarer than diamonds these days, so comes with a relatively high price tag.
In my travels I've come across this luxurious natural gemstone called Green Onyx. For me it radiates similarly to the beauty of an Emerald and it comes with a much more palatable price tag. So what are the key differences in the stones?
Green Onyx Emerald
Formed Cryptocrystalline, formed by layers of Chalcedony & Quartz Mineral Beryl, formed as a single crystal
Appearance More often opaque More often transparent
Connects Heart Chakra; healing, balance, love, connection, acceptance Stone of the Heart; compassion, sympathy and universal love
Colour  Rich Green Deep Green-Blue
Star Sign Gemini or Virgo Taurus
Sourced Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, USA Brazil, Colombia, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Hardness Mohs 6.5-7 Mohs 7.5-8
Category Semi Precious Precious


SIS Caspian Green Onyx

Green Onyx, part of the Deep Blue Collection, named after the Caspian Sea.

You can dive into the Caspian Story here every element is handcrafted using traditional methods. The rose cut Green Onyx is available 22ct Gold Vermeil & 925 Silver, necklace and earrings. 

Goodness goes back to ocean conservation through the Australian Marine Conservation Society. As well as creating meaningful work for the SIS Artisans in the bespoke studio in Jaipur.

Enjoy SIS'ters.

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