Nelson Mandela's words inspired this jewellery collection

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Nelson Mandela's words inspired this jewellery collection
Like yourself and millions around the world, the words of an incredible human continue to affect me greatly.
Nelson Mandela’s life-long dedication and sacrifice for human rights was imprinted on me as a young teenager. In October 1990, 5 months after his release from prison, without comprehending the impact on my life, I had the privilege of hearing him speak in Sydney. Through Bob Hawkes’ government administration we were in support of anti-apartheid through sport. Mandela was clear, humble and thanked Australia. It was the first moment in my life I experienced that scale of emotional charge about something so important. I was moved to tears, inspired and have a depth of love, respect and awe for a man I never met - to this day. 
“Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are’. Nelson Mandela
These words inspire me. I have a passion. A passion for traditional craftsmanship, talented Artisans and a deep connection to natural gemstones and jewellery. My micro-business helps fulfil this passion. My 2007 vision only burst into full clarity for me in 2020 with the onset of the global pandemic. 
Swimming in Stones is me in Sydney and a team of ten illiterate jewellery Artisans in Jaipur, India. They each bring their family trade, passed to them from up to 6 generations of ancestry. They are gemstone cutters, setters or polishers, metal cutters and polishers. They are parents, they teach their children their craft and they work hard to seek a better life for their families.. It takes each of these ten people to make one piece of jewellery. 
SIS pieces don’t come from a jewellery factory. It’s a bespoke studio. We collaborate via my English speaking partner and friend, Ravi, to create designs using traditional techniques explicitly for Swimming in Stones.
SIS makes a small contribution to directly intercept poverty. We ensure people have meaningful work. It has creativity and craftsmanship at heart ensuring we keep traditional techniques alive. 
SIS is an Australian jewellery brand with connections to artisans in Jaipur India. Every piece tells a story and contributes back to the Artisans, their families in the aim of  continual improvement in quality of life.
The Humanity Collection
SIS HumanKind Silver and Topaz Ring
This is HumanKind, it was designed in 2020 and took 6 months to create. It’s a symbolic reminder of the fragility of our humanity. The importance of being kind to others and living with compassion in our hearts. And, it carries a bonus back to the Artisans.
Features subtle hand carved MMXX roman numerals. Delicate SIS hallmark. Traditional Rose Cut Gemstones - Rose Ombre Tourmaline or Sky Blue Topaz. Silver and Gold Vermeil Jewellery Earrings, Necklace and Ring. 
SIS Precious Necklace Silver & Rhodolite
This is Precious, it was designed in 2020 with my niece in my heart, it also took 6 months to create. It’s a symbolic reminder to be open, accept and to exude love. It also carries a bonus back to the Artisans.
Features a traditional rose cut Rhodolite (creativity) heart and rose cut Blue Apatite (awakening) reminder. Delicate SIS hallmark. Silver and Gold Vermeil Jewellery Earrings, Necklace and Ring. 
Initially designed to ensure the Artisans in India had enough work when Covid-19 lockdowns started; now SIS has committed to giving them work every day to help sustain their families throughout 2022. A small, delicate, precious social contribution. 
Today is recognised as Mandela Day
Mandela Day
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