Let's Keep Australia Beautiful

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Let's Keep Australia Beautiful

It was 1972 when the Gough Whitlam administration launched Keep Australia Beautiful Week, it was about living without litter. Almost 50 years on and it couldn't be more relevant. 

We're limited in a lot of areas this year to do organised community clean ups. And to be honest, becoming a litter dobber doesn't bode well with me, or likely with most of you. So here's an idea, we just suck it up and pick it up when we see it! Ensuring whatever the grubby junk, it doesn't make its way into our beautiful oceans.

Swimming in Stones is committed to ocean conservation. The Deep Blue Collection is our largest with 20 jewellery story designs to choose from.

Some shown here include the;

Ningaloo Story of delicately handcrafted gold vermeil and silver earrings made with handcut faceted tears in Carnelian (pictured), Amethyst, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli and Chrysoprase.

The Pacific Story of handcrafted silver rings, they are proud in size and fit the finger perfectly. Stones include Prehnite (pictured), Labradorite, Turquoise, Pink Opal, Moonstone and we use powdered stone because I love Coral, but commit to protecting our reefs.

Or the lucidity of the very popular Jellyfish earrings. The 18 delicately cut gemstones catch the light beautifully. Gold or silver earrings, in Labradorite (shown) and Mother of Pearl. 

Deep Blue Earrings Rings Necklaces

The year SIS will donate 1% of all sales from the Deep Blue Collection to the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Also around 50 years old, they are are doing amazing work around our reefs and waterways. We absolutely need healthy oceans for a healthy planet. The world is a wondrous place and living in Australia I've always felt a deep connection to the beach and ocean, it's important we keep doing our bit for conservation even in the smallest ways as individuals.

Let's protect our big, beautiful island home that is Australia.

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