Jewellery as art...

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Jewellery as art...

A perfect stranger would have no problem discovering my passion as soon as they enter my home. It's not only my body that is immersed in jewellery, but my home is literally Swimming in Stones.

This is an antique Chinese window frame, to avoid tarnishing my jewellery I have carefully used metal hooks from the hardware store, but tied on tiny leather straps that are soft and caring against my jewellery.

I also have a little addiction to jewellery books…they are littered around me forming part of my very own interior-bejewelled-inspirational-design.

I know we’re attracted to pretty things and jewellery is just so damn pretty and it makes us feel pretty, but apart from all the prettiness, I truly believe humanity has a much deeper need to connect through jewellery and with Swimming in Stones – that’s what I am set out to uncover.

So, these beautiful books inspire me everyday, they provide me with such detail rich information that some of it, well I feel the real need to paraphrase and share.


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