Imagine feeling the power of the moon on your skin

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Imagine feeling the power of the moon on your skin

Named to reflect the magic of the moon and as ancient as the moon itself, Moonstone gems are natural stones that have the power of working in turn with the moon bringing out a sensualness that re-energises the mind, body and spirit.
Moonstone is the gemstone that inspires the imagination, enhances intuition, lucid dreaming, balances emotions and is believed to support fertility and sensuality.
The magic of the Moonstone is it has an optical phenomenon known either as a schiller, or adularescence or chatoyancy, like a shimmering of the moon, it is a reflection that moves across the surface of the gem as light varies. Best sources come from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Tanzania and the USA.
Their power can nourish and give passion, it can heal and guide you to your inner path. For centuries the Moonstone has been a tangible connection to the moon. A symbol of protection for travellers. A gift for lovers. A path to wisdom.
To maintain the quality of your beautiful, natural Moonstone it is important to protect, clean, and charge your gemstones to properly. Some tips for you gem lovers; 

  • Be mindful Gemstones are delicate and can be scratched, so don't wear them when you're doing anything manual like gardening or housework, they like to go out to lunch and drinks!
  • Cleaning You can soak your Moonstone in some warm soapy water or a little salt water (for purification) for a few minutes, rinse in cold water before drying them with a soft cloth.
  • Vibrational Cleaning when you want to remove negative energy, wear your stone in the ocean or a natural waterway to be charged by its power.
  • Recharge with the power of the moon one night before the full moon. Pop your Moonstone jewellery safely on a windowsill or outside exposed to the light of the full moon reconnecting it to that magical powers.
  • Swimming in Stones natural moonstone gems are often Cabuchon cut which enhances the glow of the beautiful stone. You can enjoy natural, magical Moonstones here SIS'ters. You'll find our unique designed Moonstone rings, necklaces and earrings in Gold and Silver.SIS Moonstone



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