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HumanKind SIS Bespoke handmade Social Impact Jewellery Collection
Those of you who know me personally, know Swimming in Stones is my love job, not my career. My career supports my love job. But as love implies, this connection to jewellery and the people who create it with me, is pure joy.
2020 reawakened my passion. My greatest achievement this past year has been the realignment of my values, my purpose in starting SIS (in 2007... sheesh) and a new socially conscious collection that I'm very proud to share.
In May, my Indian connection contacted me understandably sad and quite desperate. Covid-19. Fear. No work. Talented Artisans fleeing Jaipur to the villages where there was and still is, very little work. I sent my friend money. Twice...before the light went on.

Inspired, I have spent the last 6 months with purpose. 5am starts before work; designing, dusting off old plans and sprinkling them with new thinking. And importantly, collaborating with very talented Artisans. Under strict Covid-19 safety protocols, we had a team able to work, earn money and provide for their families.
Swimming in Stones is committed that;

Every piece tells a story. Sentiment. Stone. Craftsmanship.
Every piece is designed to be handcrafted and use traditional methods to create more jobs for our Artisans.
The bespoke SIS Studio is small; people are safe, we reduce waste.
We use quality materials; semi precious gemstones, 925 Silver and 22 Carat Gold Vermeil (4 micron of Gold over 925 Silver).
We create only a very small quantity of each design. To serve humans who are inspired by other humans, the planet and craftsmanship.
For every piece sold, 1% of sales is donated back to the community or environment as I help the team become more sustainable, but focussing on people first.
The world is going to take time to adjust to the new normal in western countries, in India I imagine it's going to take some serious time. 
My mission for 2021 is to engage these Artisans in regular work, every day.
So rather than procrastinate, worrying about personal 'selling my designs' barriers, I'm now more than ever, driven to support these talented, deserving people.

If you feel inspired, you can be the first to purchase HumanKind, there are only 5 of each product as I’ve moved into higher quality materials and am ensuring the team are more than appropriately compensated.
HumanKind SIS Bespoke handmade Social impact jewellery collection
HumanKind SIS bespoke handmade social impact jewellery collection
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