5 reasons to love gemstone jewellery

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5 reasons to love gemstone jewellery

Gemstone jewellery has been a human fascination since ancient times. Why do we love gemstone jewellery so much? And, what is this deep connection humanity has with jewellery?

Here are 5 reasons to love gemstone jewellery, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

1| They connect us to our earth; not only do they take millions of years to form, they endure some of the most extreme pressure, heat and resistance imaginable. And if they don't endure, well they simply don't become gemstones, they vaporise or crystalise into other materials. No wonder we call them precious!

2| They connect us to nature; reflecting all that is amazing in our natural surroundings. The colours of the ocean, earth, foliage, flowers, butterflies; no matter where you look in nature, there is a gemstone that masterfully reflects the colours of our planet. I love to use the colours of the natural stones as part of the story of each piece designed.

3| It is a sustainable investment, your natural stone jewellery will last a lifetime. Designs can be enduring, carrying meaning as well as beauty. 

4| They connect us to our humanity: gemstones can be crafted into wondrous spectacles; whether simply cut or mastered into an elaborate design, the Artisans have patience, talent, honour and responsibility to uncover the stone's brilliance. 

5| Gemstone jewellery is a keepsake. A symbol of love, commitment, devotion, friendship, even tribe. They are small, but the significance, power and sentimental value can be unlike anything else in the material world. They connect us to our loved ones past and present.

Handmade, high quality jewellery connects with us way beyond aesthetic appeal. Natural stones make us feel connected to the earth, beautifully crafted handmade jewellery connects us to the Artisan and there is no denying that a beautiful piece makes us also feel exactly that, beautiful. 

One of my fundamental beliefs is that jewellery connects us. The abundance of natures beautiful gemstones is where the SIS name came from because, "we can't all be dripping in diamonds, but we can be Swimming in Stones".

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