SIS Jewellery Amethyst


Family of Vitreous Quartz. Derives its name from the Greek amethusios literally meaning ‘not drunk’ as it was believed to guard against drunkenness! 

Powerful spiritual protection. Master stone for healing and purification.  “Amethyst dissipates evil thoughts and quickens the intelligence” Leonardo da Vinci. Transmutes negativity into love, relieves stress and anxiety, uplifting in times of sadness. Promotes focus and clarity of mind.

Colours are violet, purple, pink-red, green. From Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, East Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, the USA and Canada.

SIS Jewellery Apatite


A phosphate mineral. Name Derived from the Greek apate meaning ‘deceit’ in reference to its similarity to crystals of other minerals such as aquamarine, amethyst and olivine. Colour can be intense blue, green, violet-blue, purple, colourless, white, yellow, flesh or rose-red.

Spiritually turn your ideas into reality and achieve your goals. A stone of inspiration, motivation and satisfaction. Awakens your inner self and clear confusion or frustration.

Found in many regions, but predominantly in the USA, Mexico, Namibia and Russia

SIS Jewellery Carnelian


Translucent variety of Chalcedony. Also banded with Carnelian Agate. Stone found in India is often placed in the sun to bring out more red from the brown.

Believed to boost self esteem; courage, vitality, confidence and empowerment. Dispels fear, anger, jealousy, laziness. Brings focus, balance and aides spiritual connection.

Quality stone comes from around India, Scotland, Brazil and the USA.

SIS Jewellery Chalcedony


Is a compact variety of microcrystalline Quartz, the translucent form. Pure Chalcedony is white, but trace elements of different minerals means it comes in a range of colours. Opaque stones have their own names, Chrysoprase, Agate, Aventurine, Carnelian and Onyx.

The nurturing stone that promotes sisterhood and good will. Absorbs negative energy, bringing the mind, body and spirit into harmony. Instills feelings of generosity and eases self doubt.

A lot comes from Arizona in the USA. 

SIS Jewellery Crysophrase


Is an apple-green form of Chalcedony. The colour comes from trace of nickel. It can fade in the sunlight. Name comes from the ancient Greek meaning ‘Golden Leek’.

The stone speaks to the divine truth, joy, happiness and healing. Attract new love, abundance, prosperity, happiness, self acceptance and independence. Love and forgiveness.

The best quality stone from from Australia, also from Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, Tanzania, South Africa, Poland and the USA.

SIS Jewellery Garnet


Garnets are opaque, transparent to translucent minerals. Predominantly a red colour - but not always - they have star shaped patterns of reflections that appear to change colour in different light.

Revitalises, purifies and balances energy. Inspires love and devotion. Activates and strengthens the the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope. Sharpens perceptions of oneself and others.

Found in the USA. 

SIS Jewellery Aventurine

Green Aventurine 

A variety of quartz that has a spangled appearance due to sparkling internal reflections from minute inclusions of other minerals. Colours can be green, blue, red, yellow, peach, white, lesser brown, pink, orange and grey.

The stone of luck, energy and prosperity. Help manifest money, strengthen leadership capability and equalise male/female energy within. 

Found in the Russia, India, Tibet, Nepal, Brazil, Italy and the USA. 

SIS Jewellery Green Onyx

Green Onyx 

Is a beautiful form of Chalcedony.

Its colour is associated with the heart chakra representing healing and balance. It is about unconditional love, connection, acceptance transformation and powerful healing.



SIS Jewellery Iolite


A beautiful blue form of Cordierite, it can also be called the Water Sapphire.

Stimulates the imagination, peace, love and wisdom. Dispels doubts and anxieties - helps make decisions.

Found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Canada, Tanzania, Madagascar and South Africa. 

SIS Jewellery Labradorite


A predominantly dark grey stone with a schiller or an iridescent colour plays on the surface, it is predominantly blue/grey.

Awakens intuition, adventure, transformation and protection. Relieves stress.

Generally it comes from Madagascar, Finland, Russia, India, Mexico or the USA. 

SIS Jewellery Lapis Lasuli

Lapis Lazuli 

A made from the main component mineral Lazurite which accounts for the stones intense blue colour. It carries gold flecks. It has been used for millennia by the Egyptians for example in the mask of Tutankhamun. In powdered form it was used as the first eye shadow.

The "Wisdom Keeper" Find your true purpose or life mission. Gives you the wisdom to know the right path. Intuition, inner truth, inner peace, enlightenment, the stone encourages creativity, supports friendships and social skills.

Mines in Afghanistan remain a major source of the stone, but the lighter versions come from India, Pakistan, Russia, Chile, Italy, Argentina & the USA. 

SIS Jewellery Moonstone


Named to reflect the magic of the moon. 

Or White Rainbow is an opalescent variety of orthoclase and some other feldspars, which has a blue or white sheen known as a schiller.

Inspires the imagination, enhances intuition, lucid dreaming, balances emotions and is believed to support fertility and sensuality. 

Best sources come from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Tanzania and the USA.

SIS Jewellery Onyx


A striped semiprecious variety of agate. In its natural form is black & white. The name is derived from the ancient Greek onux meaning ‘nail’ or ‘claw’ referring to the minerals colour.

Protection from negativity, gives strength, provides quietening. Stimulates intuitive guidance, reflection, calms fears and retains your energy supply. 

Found in Afghanistan, Madagascar, Peru India, Brazil and Uruguay.

SIS Jewellery Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine 

A variety of Quartz that has a spangled appearance due to sparkling internal reflections from minute inclusions of other minerals. Colours can be green, blue, red, yellow, peach, white, lesser brown, pink, orange and grey.

In yellow or orange it can be helpful to focus intentions and for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself. Increase creativity, abundance and prosperity.

Found in the Russia, India, Brazil and the USA. 

SIS Jewellery Peruvian Opal

Peruvian Opal 

It is a hardened silica gel and usually contains 5-10% water in submicroscopic pores. The blue Peruvian Opal has a higher water content.

Helps promote emotional healing to regain balance in your life. Soothes and quietens your mind, helps you achieve relaxation. 

The national stone of Peru, found in the Andes Mountains. 

SIS Jewellery Pink Moonstone

Pink Moonstone

Is an Anorthoclase that shows a white or silvery iridescence when cut en cabochon. The iridescence is known as a ‘schiller’ results from the minute inter-layering of different feldspar that develops by internal chemical separation during the process of crystalisation. 

The stone for 'new beginnings', inner growth and strength. Soothes emotional stability and provides calmness. Enhances intuition, promotes inspiration and good fortune in love and business.

Found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia and India.

SIS Jewellery Pink Opal

Pink Opal

Is a hardened silica gel and usually contains 5-10% water in submicroscopic pores. There is also a form of Pink Peruvian Opal. Fossil bones and shells have been discovered in Australia replaced by precious opals. The black opal is the most precious.

A stone of gentleness, love and kindness. 

Opals come from Australia, India, New Zealand, Italy, UK, Honduras & western USA, Pink or Rose Opal is likely to have come from Peru and France.

SIS Jewellery Prasiolite


Is commonly called Green Amethyst (which is a misnomer). It’s a form of very light, translucent Green Quartz. It is created by heat treating natural Purple Amethyst either in a laboratory or in nature if found beneath young lava flow.

Integrate your spiritual insights: encourages compassion, seeing the divine in everyone. Encourages self love. Balance to the body. Patience of the mind. Supports calmness, love and creativity.

Most commonly from Brazil and the USA.

SIS Jewellery Prehnite


Named in 1789 for its discoverer, Hendrik von Prehn, a Dutch military officer. Sometimes called a Cape Emerald. Colour Can be pale to mid-green, tan, pale-yellow, grey or white. These beautiful stones are transparent to translucent. Often found lining cavities in volcanic rocks.

The stone of quiet confidence. Spiritually calm the mind. Align with the heart. Relieve anxiety. Ground your joy, peace and courage.

Silicate Mineral Found Australia, Scotland, Canada, Germany as well as many other localities worldwide.

SIS Jewellery Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal 

Is colourless and one of the most common minerals on the planet. Ancient civilisations believed the gods petrified ice to make Quartz Crystal. 

Mystically it is the most healing of all stones. It amplifies, restores, releases and stores energy. It helps you see more clearly. Improves focus by clearing mental blocks. Use it to meditate for clarity.

Occurrences are in Madagascar, Brazil, Sweden, Namibia, Russia, Spain, Scotland and the USA. 

SIS Jewellery Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

A translucent or transparent pink variety of Crystalline Quartz. Its colour is has been attributed to traces of titanium, while its milky appearance may be due to tiny, needle-like inclusions of rutile.

The stone of love; self love, true love, empathy, compassion and confidence. Banish stress and insecurities. Bring happiness and soothing to the soul.

From Madagascar, India, Germany and the USA.

SIS Gemstones Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz 

Brownish/grey smokey colour created by natural irradiation. 

Reconnect to the wonders of being alive. Positive vibrations so each new day encourages you to welcome opportunity before you. Brings emotional calm.

Found throughout the world. Important deposits in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Australia, Switzerland, Scotland and the USA.

SIS Jewellery Turquoise


The purification stone. Stabilises moods, instills inner calm. Promotes self realisation, assists creative problem solving. A symbol of friendship and stimulates romantic love. Connected to the throat chakra it's a crystal that can help you communicate better. 

Found in the US, Mexico, Iran, Chile and Tibet.

SIS Jewellery White Onyx

White Topaz 

A colourless variety of Topaz, purest form is actually clear.

The stone vibrates truth. Find your inner purpose. Manifest your intentions into reality. Balance, soothe and cleanse your emotions. Substitute negativity for love, joy, peace, strength and courage.

Found: Brazil, USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Russia, Norway, Germany and Japan.

SIS Jewellery Yellow Onyx

Yellow Onyx

A form on Chalcedony. 

Helps to heal wounds. A strength of giving. Provides support for difficult of confusing circumstances.

From Yemen, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Madagascar, Indonesian, UK and USA. 

Liz Oakes, Healing Crystals for you