Travel Journal, The Tear of Venus

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Travel Journal, The Tear of Venus
You don't have to use to many words to start any traveller itching to get airborne.
The melodic rock of a crisp white yacht, on the lapping pristine teal waters of the Aegean sea.
The warm European sun gently heating your skin.
An oversized hat.
Bold sunglasses capturing that watery sparkle you can see from the corner of your eye.
Oh, there's a pod of dolphins swimming by...
Some may know this secret spot, the rock pool on the Greek Island of Thassos, it is connected to the Aegean sea and is known as the “Tear of Venus". According to the legend, Giola is a pool that was created by Zeus for Venus to swim in. 
Swimming in Stones was borne from two of my biggest sources of inspiration, the ocean and gemstones. Mix it with human creativity and I'm in heaven. There are three Collections, each with various gemstone stories (products) and each carries goodness giving back to planet & people;
- The Deep Blue Collection back to Ocean Conservation
- Humanity & Empowerment Collections back to the talented Artisans
SIS Giola Earrings
Giola Earrings, inspired by the Tear of Venus
 Giola Moonstone Ring
This is our magnificent Apo Moonstone Ring in Gold sunning it up on this lovely ladies' finger, who happens to be sipping a cocktail in the dreamy Greek Islands, half her luck!
Whilst in lockdown in Sydney, I'm pleased that my beloved gemstone jewellery is not! Albeit it we can't host any jewellery parties right now, so no major outings with my sparkly friends, but this week, I feel honoured to have my first piece souring its way to Czechia (via carbon neutral Sendle). And another to a lovely, lovely person literally a suburb away. 
Beyond breaking the monotony with travel dreams or memories of beautiful moments past, hopefully we can use this time to rest and find ways to inspire ourselves.
Jealous my beautiful Euro friends, enjoy summer!
Pop Giola on your list! 
Interested Ocean Conservation, this is a great read: UN Ocean Decade 
Sales donations will go to the Australian Marine Conservation Society
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