Travel Journal: The Cave of Poetry

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Travel Journal: The Cave of Poetry

Whether you've been to Italy or not, the romance that is La Dolce Vita is an inspiration to everyone. 
Echoing Dave Dobbins’ she’s a slice of heaven - the province of Lecce, the heart being the picturesque city in the southern tip of the Italian boot, is a perfect blend of Italian culture and blissful sunbathing. 
Although sleepy compared to the tourism that understandably engulfs Florence, it is known as her sister city, mainly I think because of the extravagantly carved baroque churches, the main being Basilica di Santa Croce.
Beyond the city, along the Ionian Coastline there are curvaceous white cliffs overhanging turquoise waters, this is where you’ll find the cave of poetry, La Grotto della Poesia. A natural turquoise pool in the cliffs that is warmed by the sun and lavished by the locals. 

And, the muse for the SIS Lecce Silver Rings Story; 

La Grotto della Poesia

Lecce Ring Chalcedony

Designed around traditional craftsmanship, creating work for talented Artisans. Hand cabochon cut natural gemstones, 14.5mm are surrounded by 14 crystal jewels. Part of the Deep Blue Collection, 1% of sales donated to Ocean Conservation.
Lecce Silver Ring featuring the gemstone Prehnite | Quiet Confidence 
Lecce Silver Ring featuring the gemstone Chalcedony | Nurturing 
Lecce Silver Ring featuring the gemstone Rose Quartz | Love
Rings are also designed with an open back to allow for firm adjustment to fit most.
Lecce Rinsg









So pack your sweeping, wide-brimmed hat, oversized designer sunnies, maybe a little Leece ring and take in the feast both literally and figuratively.

The coastline is amazing for trekking, splashing through water holes, watching gorgeous people go by until it's time to indulge in some Italian food, wine and a sneaky gelato.

Sweet life indeed.


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