Purely Lotus

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Purely Lotus

The Lotus flower emerges from its muddy water home each morning in pure, pristine condition.

When we think about reflecting this onto our humanity & spirit we see it as being symbolic of purity, spiritual awakening, faithfulness and rebirth.

The Lotus is attached to human kind in symbolic meaning dated way back from the Ancient Egyptians to Buddhists & Hindus today.

  • RED Lotus Flower is said to be related to the heart = meaning love & compassion.
  • WHITE Lotus Flower represents awakening or ‘Bodhi’ in Buddhism. Mental purity. Spiritual perfection.
  • BLUE Lotus Flower represents the victory of the spirit over that of wisdom, intelligence & knowledge in Buddhism.

    SIS_Lotus Collection

    The designs themselves are entirely handcrafted. The Necklace is designed to sit high on the neckline. The Earrings are designed to frame the face. They are bold, striking and now as you know, have a beautiful sentiment behind them. I hope you enjoy!

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