Gemstone Lore...for the Ganesha Rings

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Gemstone Lore...for the Ganesha Rings
SIS_Ganesha_Quartz Crystal
Clear Quartz contains pure light and undiluted life force, bringing vitality, joy, health and wealth driving away all fears. It's the most common mineral on earth. Indigenous Australians call Quartz the living spirit, I've read that Mekigars (magic men & women) had Quartz Crystal inserted into their skin which was said to give them magical, healing powers. In Oriental beliefs, Quartz Crystal was regarded as the essence of the dragon, having pure Chi (life force).
SIS_Ganesha_Mother of Pearl
 Associated with Mother Sea, first worshipped by the Incas. It is said to be soothing for any skin complaints, allergies or rashes. The stone of preconception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Traditionally placed on a newborn's stomach for a few seconds to endow the baby with protection even with the mother leaves the child with another carer. It can be used to comfort a mother animal if her young are taken after weaning.
SIS_Ganesha_Smokey Quartz
The guardian against all forms of bad luck. It promotes a better tomorrow, light at the end of the tunnel. It is believed to gently restore energy and optimism after illness or depression It melts all energy blocks in limbs. Reduces anxiety, relieves psychological sexual blocks and can aid insomnia.
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