Our Connection with Jewellery...

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Our Connection with Jewellery...

Simply said, I love jewellery. So set myself a goal to unearth the connection we have with jewellery. Here are some of my first thoughts...I'm keen to hear yours.

Universally, Jewellery has been symbolic through the ages, I believe it is intrinsically connected to the human psyche. Jewellery can be seen as our non-verbal expression of self. Through my reading, I have drawn conclusions that break down our connection into 6 symbolic categories.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Adornment
  3. Art
  4. Tribe
  5. Success
  6. Love

SIS Connection

There might be more, I'm still searching but feel it's a good start. 

We can date jewellery back to the Middle Paleolithic times ca. 200,000 - 50,000 BC where decorative seashell beads have been found in Morocco, Israel & Algeria. 

Jewellery also very uniquely connects us to our Earth; did you know the Diamond you're splashing around in could have taken up to 3 million years forming in the earth before it was cut, polished and slipped onto our fingers, into our ears, around our necks, wrists, bellies? Blows my mind.

Other less expensive stones, I believe are naturally as sentimentally precious because they are also formed in our earth. They too need to be mined, then painstakingly crafted into bespoke pieces by our hands. 

I've written a line; We can't all be dripping in Diamonds, but we can be Swimming in Stones. Which is where my brand name originated.

I'm searching for gemstones, their stories & artisans to collaborate with to create wearable stories.  I hope when you look at your gemstones, you really enjoy them!

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I hanfcraft jewelry using gems and Crystal’s I dig up on my 20 acre mountaintop property in Maine. I believe that you and I may think very much alike regarding Rick’s, Crystal’s, their formation, etc. I hold these things in my hands, daily. The rocks zip break open in my yard are 360,000 000 years old (igneous pegmatites). Callme any time!

Kristina MacQuarrie

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